A native, fast Linux desktop that requires no installation, and allows - through the integrated VDI layer - the execution of native Windows applications.

About EveryDesk

about Everydesk online: a full desktop as a Facebook application

Conecta Research has developed EveryDesk, a reinterpretation of the Linux desktop. It executes from a 4Gb USB Key, and allows the user to run a modern and efficient Linux Desktop on most PCs without the need of changing or removing the native operating system such as Windows.

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Our Services

services1 Everydesk online: a full desktop as a Facebook application

EveryDesk is backed up by a wide variety of services, from basic support to customization and tailoring.While providing basic support and answers for free to all our adopters, we have designed a wide range of ancillary services for both “horizontal” adopters and vertical market, like the medical and school environments. Support and email/forum assistance is free for all users, including commercial ones.

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The medical edition

medical Everydesk online: a full desktop as a Facebook application

An innovative alternative to the traditional, complex and difficult to manage “fat” PCs and to the inflexible thin clients, EveryDesk/MED is a specialized service designed to create a custom Linux-based desktop for the Health Care worker; designed to comply with the most stringent privacy and security laws. EveryDesk/MED includes a complete IHE-tested DICOM viewer, with full browsing, annotation and measurement modules; the R statistical environment, with a complete graphical interface, and the OpenOffice suite, with a complete medical spelling dictionary

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